Buyers Guide: Top 3D Printers For 2016

We are going to give you a good overview of the best 3D printers on the market. These are perfect for both first-timers as well as veterans, and they can be purchased on just about any budget. We compiled this extensive list from a combination of consumer reviews, professional reviews, our own personal reviews, as well as feedback from the 3D Printing community.

Keep coming back! I am going to be updating it regularly so as to stay current with any and all new releases and 3D printing technology advancements. As this will be updated with my own research and input your and the 3d printing community, this is going to be the best resource to turn to for the latest 3D printer information.

3D Printers for Entry-Level Use ($500 and under)

Are you working on a slim budget? It doesn’t mean you can’t find a 3D printer that will work for you. In fact, we advise anyone who plans to dive into the 3D printing world to start with an entry-level unit. we do this for two reasons.

First, most of these printers come with assembly required. This is a good thing. When you start out, assembling your first 3D printer gives you a great way to understand more about how they are built and how they work. Also, even the top 3D printers available on the market can have their moments.

By that I mean that many “features” can turn into infamous “bugs.” Test out a lower end model first to see if you still want to pursue 3D printing after learning more hands-on about how to use them. The models that we list below are solid entry-point models that will give you the experience you need to move upwards.

Entry Level 3D Printer Comparison Chart

Brand / ModelUser RatingBudgetPriceReviews 
Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit 3D Printer3.8 StarsCHECKRead Review Here
HICTOP Prusa I 3 3D Printer 3.7 StarsCHECKRead Review Here
Printrbot Play 1505 3D Printer3.7 StarsCHECKRead Review Here
XYZ printing Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer3.7 StarsCHECKRead Review Here

And, now here is a look at the mid-range models. There are still budget friendly.

Mid-Range 3D Printers ($500 to $1,000)

The mid-range of printers is a blend of the solid entry-level units as well as more exceptional mid-range 3D printers. The Flash Forge Creator comes in at just under $1,000 and it is considered as being one of the best values in 3D printers on the entire market.

Each printer in the mid-range has its advantages whether those are great features found on high-end 3D printers or just an affordable price tag.

Mid-Range 3D Printer Comparison Chart

Brand / ModelUser RatingBudgetPriceReviews
Printrbot Simple Metal 3D Printer3.8 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
UP! Mini 3D Printer3.7 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
WER Most-fun 3D Printer3.7 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
ROBO 3D R1 4 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Flash Forge Creator4.1 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Dremel Idea Builder4.3 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here

Advanced Level 3D Printers ($1,000-$2,000)

You can get some of the more advanced printers made for enthusiasts without spending much more than $2,000. This is because two of our highest-rated 3D printers are in this price range. These are the Maker Gear M2, and the Zortrax M 200. While they are at the upper end of the price range, you can still find 3D printers that are of this quality and will run you around $1,500.

A far as price versus performance goes, the Flash Forge Creator Pro and the UP! Plus 2 will do fantastic prints for a great price. Several other units in this price range also won’t tax your wallet.

Advanced Level 3D Printers Comparison Chart

Brand / ModelUser RatingPrice CategoryPriceReviews
Flash Forge Creator Pro4.8 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
UP! Plus 2 4.4 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Lulz Bot Mini4.8 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Maker Gear M25 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Zortrax M2004.6 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here

Expert-Level 3D Printers ($2,000 and up)

The premium level of 3D printers is interesting. Here, you find a great combination of FDM printers as well as less-polished models which still are on the cutting-edge of technology.

For example, there is the feature-rich Taz 5. This is one of the best FDM printers on the market. Then, there is the Formlabs Form 1 plus that uses SLA technology. This is capable of producing production-quality prints. However, please note that Formlabs operating cost is extremely high. Also, post printing clean up can be very labor intensive.

If you’re looking for 3D printers in this range, you need to determine whether you want a more polished, sophisticated printer or a printer that isn’t quite spiffy, but still sits on the cutting-edge of 3D printing technology.

Expert-Level Comparison Chart

Brand / ModelUser RatingPrice CategoryPriceReviews
AIO Robotics Zeus4.9 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Lulz-Bot Taz 54.9 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Ultimaker 24.8 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Formlabs Form 14.6 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here
Airwolf 3D HD4.8 StarsQUICK CHECKRead Review Here

Have you had experience with a particular 3D printer? Do you know of one that should be included on this list? If so, contribute to the List of Top 3D Printers. Go to the comment section and post more about why it is great and what you like about its features.

3D printing can be an expensive hobby but you don’t have to buy expensive to get quality. There are so many new printers out there it can be tough for us to review all the options in detail. Help us out, and tell us about your experiences!

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