The Future of 3D Printed Solar Power Components

Solar energies continue to marvel the world. Years after solar panels were fitted onto calculators and watches; the technology has not stopped evolving. This is in part due to the potential that this technology holds. For one, it could be the key to ending the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. Besides damaging the planet’s ecosystem, these fuels have hazardous consequences for human populations. For instance, most petrochemicals are classified as carcinogenic.


The Future of 3D Printing and Solar

One indication that solar technology is a viable source of powering the future is the increased efficiency. From initially having only an efficiency of 3%, solar panels now have 20%+ efficiency. This level of efficiency continues to grow as the scientists continue with their innovation.

One of the latest innovations in solar technology has been 3D printing. This technology is already revolutionizing other industries and the solar panel industry has not been left behind. There is a lot of collaboration between industry players, who are working to develop the solutions of tomorrow.

For now, solar panel makers have made breakthroughs in invented a solar panel ink. This is a solution, which can be printed using special 3D printers onto surfaces. One advantage of the solar ink is that it can be made translucent. As a result, people who are interested in aesthetics will be quite pleased. This has been one of the biggest drawbacks to some commercial buildings installing solar technology. It usually requires that a large area of the building be covered in solar panels. This is especially true in high altitude areas, where sunlight penetration is low.

In the near future, it will be possible to print solar ink onto glass panels without changing how the building looks. As a result, nothing about the buildings original design is altered. The main drawback to the 3D printed solar panels has been cost. However, this will go down significantly once the appetite for solar panels increases. It will get more investors interested, which is crucial to further research.

Powering the Future

Currently, one of the biggest problems to bringing power to the entire world has been cost. Building power cables in remote regions of the world is not cheap. However, this will not be the case with the revolution of solar power. It will soon be possible to build huge civilizations in areas that would be inaccessible via traditional energy sources.

Advantages of 3D Printed Solar Panels

One of the major advantages is how light they are. As a result, transporting huge quantities of solar panels will become cheaper. In addition, this solar panels made through 3D technology can be made on site. As a result, a lot more customization is possible. Traditional solar panels are manufactured using a one size fits all model.

From the innovations in solar technology, it is quite clear that the future is going to be quite different and bright. Although issues such as cost continue to stand in the way of further innovation in 3D printed solar panels, this will be easily overcome. A growing global movement recognizes the negative impact of fossil fuels to the planet. They see solar energy as being a viable and sustainable solution.


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